Student Coaching and Counselling

Wellbeing and performance


I help students of secondary or graduate level reach academic goals.

Through our coaching sessions, students can prepare for assessments, presentations and interviews. Sessions are solution focussed: setting effective action plans and monitoring progress. However, there is a particular focus on building students' psychological core: resilience, self efficacy and autonomy as well as attending to their general wellbeing. This may include raising self-awareness, understanding what makes them tick, identifying and leveraging their strengths and exploring how to develop a supportive social network. 

I have in depth experience coaching professionals and students. I have also counselled young people for many years. My focus is to help students reach their goals by acquiring skills that will serve them throughout their professional and personal life.

Coaching processes may be effective over 4-6 sessions. Coaching engagements can extend to regular weekly sessions throughout the academic year.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


07706 928 855